For over fifty years, Catholic high schools nationwide have used STS’ High School Placement Test (HSPT®) to assist with admissions, scholarship selection, and curriculum placement. The HSPT® is a comprehensive placement test for eighth graders for placement in the ninth grade.

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Free HSPT Resources​:

Free HSPT Vocabulary Flashcards

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Free HSPT Practice

Videos of HSPT Practice Problems

Frequently Asked Questions:

The high school entrance exam is the High School Placement Test. The HSPT used for entrance into private schools. The HSPT determines if the student has the academic capabilities to determine class level placement.

The HSPT stands for High School Placement Test. This exam is used for the admissions process, scholarship selection, and curriculum placement in high schools.

No, you can only effectively take the HSPT test one time. This means it’s very important to be prepared.

No, calculators are not allowed to be used on the HSPT exam.

There are five sections on the HSPT exam: Quantitative Skills that consists of 52 questions, Verbal Skills with 60 questions, Reading that consists of 62 questions, Mathematics with 64 questions, and Language that consists of 60 questions.

Yes, the HSPT exam consists of 298 multiple-choice questions. Each question is given four answers choices (one problem type on the Verbal Skills subtest gives only three choices).

There is no “passing” score for the HSPT. Each high school uses the results for admissions and class placement.